Aperam Acesita Foundation

The Foundation


Created in June 1994, Aperam Acesita Foundation is a private and non-profitable institution that has as its mission to foster the integrated and sustainable development of communities where Aperam South America concentrates its main activities. Present in Vale do Aço regions, particularly in Timóteo and Vale do Jequitinhonha, the Foundation operates in partnership with public organizations and national and international institutions, through its own programs or those sponsored by projects approved by state and federal laws, promoting the development of people and society. Its actions cover four areas – Education, Culture, Environment and Social Promotion, which work together towards multidisciplinary and complementary proposals.

The headquarters of Aperam Acesita Foundation was built in the 50s and originally served as a home for employees who came from other towns to work at the then Acesita. Built in neoclassical style, the building which today hosts the Foundation’s installations, preserves several of its original characteristics. In addition to the administrative department, the complex has an open area of woods and a cultural centre that holds the Company’s museum, a space for exhibitions and various events, in addition to a theatre that receives different presentations.

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