Social Responsibility

Social Actions

6852_ Relatório 2014 _ Bioenergia  _ Educação _ Minas Presente na EscolaAdopting socially responsible actions towards resource usage and relationships with the community. This is the motto that drives the Aperam BioEnergia policy, which is constantly developed and reformulated based on a respectful and open-to-dialog relationship with the communities in which it operates. The main instrument used in this process is the Participatory Diagnosis, a methodology which stimulates social groups to reflect on the factors that leverage or limit their development.

This work results on detailed and accurate assessments that are used in order to maintain the balance between economic, environmental and social development. The Participatory Diagnosis originates social indexes which subsidize the formulation of measures that are capable of adding value to the communities near Aperam BioEnergia.

Cultural and socioeconomic development programs are held at these locations, either by the Fundação Aperam Acesita or under its methodological orientation. They are planned in order to foment income generation and improve public education and cultural propagation.