Management of People

Our Leadership style

A company exercising strong leadership and a correct mindset outperforms any competitor having the same assets or strategy. It translates into transforming our way of working and making our organization more efficient.

  • Be faster to free up time for new initiatives and new benefits.
  • Be connected. We have an extensive knowledge and big competences scattered throughout Aperam, our understanding and knowledge are shared thanks to the cooperation platforms and communication.
  • Be aware of the environment. We are always one step ahead, anticipating the movements of our competitors and suppliers, learning in advance our customers’ needs and the changes in environment.
  • Be on a position to transform. A quick adjustment of our behaviour, way of working and organization, in order to fit ourselves into a constantly moving environment and to the challenges.
  • Be able to have influence. We are catalysts for transforming the relationship with external world, as we showed through the creation of Aperam.