Programs and Projects

Enviroment and Educational Programs

Promotion of school visits from communities within company areas._K5H6249

Objective: Propagating forest management activities, social and environmental projects implemented by the Company in the region.


Since 2007, more than 1,500 people, both teachers and students, have visited the company.

Projeto Capacitar – Employee educational quality improvement project

Objective: The objective is to assure that employees have the opportunity of finishing their high school studies and carrying on in search of their dreams.


170 seats for Itamarandiba and Capelinha employees;6821_ Relatório 2014 _ Bioenergia  _ Educação _ Minas Presente na Escola

302 employee graduates

More than 25% of student employees were promoted.

Educational quality improvement program at Minas Novas

Objective: Improving the educational quality at municipal schools within the Minas Novas municipalities.


Approximately 132 training hours;

14 training meetings by the pedagogic team;

08 educational seminars – each with approximately 600 participants;

09 implemented faculties;

309 art and educational activities at the schools, total public of 72,369 participants;

01 monthly educator training meeting.