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Aperam BioEnergia focuses its business on the production and commercialization of charcoal, wood, seeds and saplings derived from renewable eucalypt forests in Minas Gerais. Its lands are located in the municipalities of Itamarandiba, Capelinha, Veredinha, Turmalina, Minas Novas and Carbonita.

The company enforces the transparency of its actions while developing its activities, establishing a close relationship with stakeholders, as well as in its advances towards improving local and regional socio-environmental quality.

Aperam BioEnergia is a reference in the adoption of sustainable management models and investments in health and safety, training, individual protection equipment, technology development and infrastructure, in addition to campaigns and programs aiming to improve the quality of life of employees; such as the ergonomics program and the behavioral program.

The company believes in continuous process improvement and allocates high investments towards its development. Due to its increasingly advanced practices, the company activities exert the minimum environmental impact possible. Furthermore, several programs such as biodiversity monitoring, hydric monitoring in order to evaluate water quality and the influence of company activities on this resource, the degraded area recovery program, waste recycling and reuse initiatives, as well as carbon credit projects are put into place on a daily basis as part of the Aperam BioEnergia activities.

The communities within company surroundings are also very valued; social programs developed in partnerships with the Fundação Aperam Acesita towards education, culture and income generation have brought extremely beneficial results both for the communities and for the company. All positive results are also yielded by the good work of each employee.