Management of People

The brand (we+do)


We adopted the brand (we + do), making it a symbol of our commitment, on which we wish to develop and maintain a work environment that promotes the motivation and engagement of our employees.

The parenthesis “( )” are a symbol of proximity among workers themselves and between workers and managerial board. They reflect the importance we place on human relations in face of our management approach. They reflect the importance we place on the human approach from management practices and our preference for closeness between people.

The “+” sign means that we are taking joint actions, i.e., taken by Company and employees. Thanks to joint efforts we can create an agreeable working environment. It also reminds us that teamwork is the Aperam Way for achieving results.

The words “we do” are related to the fact that nothing is gained without efforts, also reflecting our wish to make things happen. (we+do) is a continuous and collective process.