Aperam over the globe

Aperam over the globe

Created in 2011 as a result of the dismemberment of the ArcelorMittal stainless steel sector, Aperam emerged as a global player in stainless steel, special electric steel and nickel alloys with a production capacity of 2.5 million tons of stainless flat steel. Aperam has 30 sales offices with customer support, 19 service centers, including 10 transformation facilities and plants, and about 9,800 employees throughout the world. In addition, it is a leader in high added value niches ­– alloys and special steel.

The company is organized into three divisions: Stainless & Electric Steel; Services & Solutions; Alloys & Specialities. The industrial areas are concentrated in six main plants, located in Brazil, Belgium and France, and rely on a highly integrated network for distribution, processing and services, besides the unique capability, exclusively in Brazil, to competitively produce stainless and special steel using biomass (charcoal).

The Aperam name encompasses history and inheritance, while also pointing towards the future. It comes from “aperture”, followed by the “AM” letters, which are the initials of ArcelorMittal, reminiscing its origins.

Aperam has been created in order to compete in a global and challenging environment, redefining manners of thinking, working and behaving in order to achieve superior performance. Its slogan, “made for life”, is inspired in the properties of stainless steel, its flagship product.