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What is Biochar ?

Biochar is one of the products of biomass pyrolysis in an environment with high temperatures and without oxygen.
It allows companies to improve their processes and explore new opportunities, in addition to improving sustainability.


How does Biochar work?

When going through the pyrolysis process, the carbon is concentrated in a form that is highly resistant to biological decomposition. And when applied to the soil, a large part of the carbon is sequestered for centuries.


Why Aperam BioEnergia ?

In addition to being the first company in Brazil qualified to sell Carbon Capture and Storage credits (CORCs) at, we are also pioneers in the sale of carbon credits in Latin America.

We refine our biochar with a scientifically proven, high-quality process.

Available CORCs and Forecast

Available: 0 CORCs


2023: 7000 CORCs
2024: 7000 CORCs
2024: 7000 CORCs

Increased agricultural productivity

Contributes to the retention of water and nutrients and restoration of degraded soils.

High quality

We produce our biochar from a high quality, audited, certified and scientifically proven process.


We recognize that each customer has unique needs, so we offer personalized service tailored to our customers' needs.

Family farming

We train local producers to use Biochar to recover and protect the soil in their plantations.

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Any other questions about Biochar? Please feel free to ask us and we will be happy to offer you a suitable solution for your needs.

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