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_MG_7763-2-EditarExcellent industrial quality charcoal obtained through an environmentally correct process. This is the Aperam BioEnergia product, manufactured from renewable eucalypt forests in mechanized furnaces using the country’s most advanced technologies in the industry. This consumable is used as a reducing and energetic agent in the Aperam South America blast furnaces in Timóteo.

Brazil is currently the world’s largest producer of charcoal, which is consumed by the pig iron and alloy iron industries. The technological advances achieved by Aperam BioEnergia in the carbonization process allow a significant increase in the timber consumption and produced coal ratio.

The eucalypt wood used in charcoal production comes from plantations yielded by genetic material that has been selected and adapted to the climate and soil according to the specific region. At Aperam BioEnergia, the adopted modern silviculture and genetic improvement practices leverage the production of good quality coal while preserving natural resources.